2 thoughts on “Obamacare Tricks You into Giving More Profits to Insurance Companies

  1. I think there are real problems with this law, but you haven’t exactly advanced the argument. One young guy whining about having to pay $214/month, well below what I pay, isn’t very impressive. He also complains about losing dental coverage. Hardly anyone HAS dental coverage, unless you have the money taken out of your check in advance using a pre-tax medical savings account. Yes, those accounts you proposed as a right-wing alternative have existed since the 80s, and are in common use by employers already. The problem with them is that no one can ever sock away enough to cover the cost of treating a serious disease or catastrophic accident.

    I don’t consider Medicare to be either left or right wing, even though it is socialized medical insurance. It’s just a way to increase positive health outcomes by spreading the cost over an entire population of workers. Instead of the ACA, we need Medicare for all!

  2. The point was that even with the extra burden on “one young guy whining” (in reality, millions of peoples, some of whom already have trouble making ends meet) that all the law does is give more money to insurance companies. As for the health savings accounts never having enough to cover costs, that is because we are already overspending on insurance, and misallocating resources that could be used directly for care, instead of making money for insurers. The dental coverage was a cost benefit thing for this young guy; why pay more than he currently does for less care, and have to lose his dental. I think its disingenuous to act like this is just a few young guys whining, it will have real negative effects on a lot of people.

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