Government is like the Lottery

Belief in the overall benefit of big government, is like believing you can win the lottery. Everyone chips in $1 with the hope that they will win $1 million dollars, and someone does. When that person wins they are brought on TV, and shown off. The benefits of the lottery to that one person are showcased, and therefore become obvious to the public. This may lead the public to believe the lottery is a good thing, and thus buy into the system. But buying into this lottery system requires the false belief that someday it will be your turn and win the lottery. If you knew for sure that you would never win the lottery, you would stop playing, so the focus is kept on the winners in order to entice people to buy into the lottery. If no one bought into it, it would no longer exist, because everyone is chipping in their dollar to benefit the winner.

And those dollars spent are never focused on. You see the winner with all their benefits, but you do not see the 999,999 losers who paid for the one winner. The focus is never put on where all those dollars came from, or what those dollars could have bought if they were not given to the lottery.

Government can point to a housing complex, to a successful grant, to a subsidy, or to the people who benefit from these things, but you have to remember what they are not focusing on. They are not focusing on the people who paid for those things, who have one fewer dollar for every one more dollar that goes into the housing, grants, and subsidies. Those dollars still would have been spent, but they would have been spent by the individual on what they need and what would benefit them.

So to buy into the fact that a big government will be of benefit is sort of like believing you will win the lottery. The only thing shown to us are the positives that come from it, while the negatives are hidden and obscured. What we need to realize is that the lottery will almost certainly never pay off for us, and likewise, a big government will not pay off unless we happen to have the political pull to take tax dollars through bailouts, subsidies, or grants.

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