Media Bias Prevents Constructive Discussion

Although the media is supposed to report facts, they are really more interested in telling a story that fits a preconceived notion of how the world is. This means embellishing, making some stories bigger than they should be, and leaving out other stories altogether. This is how public opinion is shaped, but these days it rarely matches reality. The media makes us think that the issues are left versus right, liberal versus conservative, democrat versus republican, but really the issues come down to statism versus freedom, a nanny state versus personal responsibility, and the collective authority versus individual rights. You can tell who supports freedom over statism because the media brutalizes them; it is safer to be a statist, which includes the vast majority of Congress, on both sides of the aisle.

I know I often focus on the detrimental effects liberals have on the economy and the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, but many Republicans deserve equal credit for stomping on the Constitution, and creating a crony capitalist economy. As one expert said, Washington DC is a trough where the corrupt go to feed. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell took $2 billion worth of pork back to Kentucky in exchange for selling out his conservative “colleagues” and abandoning the push to save millions from the detrimental effects of Obamacare. Despite being a large part of why Obamacare will not be delayed, the front page of the Senator’s website proclaims:

…For months, the American people have been learning about the impact Obamacare will have on individuals and families in the form of higher premiums, disrupted insurance, and lost jobs—more broken promises from the administration. Obamacare costs too much and it’s not working the way they promised. And when a visit to the Obamacare website makes a trip to the DMV seem pleasant, it’s time for the President to consider delaying this rushed effort.

Accurate statement, but hypocritical coming from McConnell. You see when the House Republicans “shut down the government” (AKA passed a budget that the Senate did not like) they failed to articulate why they did not fund Obamacare. Republicans wanted individuals to be treated the same as businesses, who got a year delay on the mandate to purchase insurance. Now, witnessing the failing rollout of the website, is this such an extreme position, to delay something that is not working properly? In reality it seems more extreme for the Senate to reject a budget that funded everything except Obamacare. Yet with the media’s help, it was not the Senate who took the blame for failing to pass a budget initially, it was the House Republicans who got blamed, despite passing a budget.

Paying attention to the mainstream media could make you believe there have only been positive effects from Obamacare. That is because the media only shows a few people who have been helped by the law, and ignores the millions of middle class families whose premiums will rise. The media ignores the hundreds of thousands whose coverage is being dropped, despite the lie repeated often that “if you like your plan, you can keep it”. How is Obamacare working out for all those people who got their hours cut to 29 hours per week, left with no healthcare, and no extra money to buy it? Did you hear about the nurse, mother of one with another on the way who was told she must either work more hours, or have her healthcare dropped due to Obamacare rules, and if she opts to work the same hours, will also lose paid sick time she has been accumulating for maternity leave? I bet you haven’t.

So what happens to a member of congress or a politician when they do not obey the media and government “elite”? They are ostracized from their colleagues, and not invited to any of the cool DC parties. This may sound like a shallow reason for ruining America, but apparently most members of congress have a similar social attitude to that of an insecure teenage girl. Can you imagine going to work and having one of your–or multiple–colleagues literally scream in your face, as John McCain has done to Senators Lee and Cruz? God forbid you don’t follow party leadership, you will be removed from your committee assignments like John Boehner did to Justin Amash and others when they failed to support his big government agenda. And now the media backs up the “conservatives” who love the state, by focusing on the rift between the “good” big government, crony capitalist Republicans, and those “extremists” who invoke the Founding Fathers.

What can we do as individuals? Make it well known that you do not trust the mainstream media, because of their bias. Post and share good articles on facebook, because here’s a fun fact: 78% of what people see posted on facebook will be considered trustworthy, as opposed to commercials, the source of which 15% of people think is trustworthy. When people see what their friends have posted, they are more likely to read it and be exposed to that point of view, already trusting the source more than if they had seen it on TV. This shifting landscape of how news if disseminated is good news for people interested in truth, and bad news for those who once had a stranglehold on public opinion through TV and news media. If you would like a multitude of examples of biased media, check out the Media Research Center, whose mission is to expose liberal media bias, so that people do not blindly believe their fabrications.

There are about 19 Senators and at least 60 House members who are the true limited government politicians. The media, the Democrats, and establishment Republicans are all teaming up against the very people who would stop this disastrous overhaul of healthcare, who would vote against piling on more debt, and who would abide by the Constitution. They are called obstructionists and extremists, but really they are Patriots. These few that stand up against their colleagues and the media in order to fight for the individual are the last defense standing between us and an authoritarian government. It would be wise to elect more people who will listen to their constituents and the base of their support, instead of caving to corruption, the media, and the DC majority.

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