Benghazi Questions Persist: Why Was Help Not Sent?

Representative Frank Wolf has been investigating why support was not sent to those American diplomats at the consulate in Benghazi last September 11th when the American consulate in Libya was attacked, and Ambassador Stevens along with 3 others Americans were killed. He found out some information that makes many higher-ups in America look pretty bad. For instance, American officials watched in real time as the attack took place, and denied aide two or three times before the Americans were murdered. What we still don’t know is who issued the “stand down” order that came down the ranks to not rescue the Americans being attacked. The Daily Caller has the whole interview, but here’s an excerpt:

…some federal employees watched the incident real time, “like a movie,” saying he has seen some of that footage. He discusses a hero who is severely wounded and still at Walter Reed hospital, but who, perhaps like others, has never been properly thanked by a nation for his heroism.

Wolf describes the stonewalling and intimidation of others who know what happened. Some have had to sign legally binding “non-disclosure agreements” with occasional “polygraph testing” to ensure the public never learns the facts. And he discusses how a Libyan plane, not an American plane, brought the wounded Americans home.

Wolf discusses the aggravating fact that those who participated in the cover-up of the Benghazi attack, blatantly lying to the American people about the attack being caused by a video, have been rewarded. Yet there are 4 dead men, and other severely wounded Americans who are still recovering, and have essentially been gagged by the US government.

“I know that Hillary Clinton is now receiving $200,000 a speech,” Wolf said. “I also know that Susan Rice, who went on five talk shows saying that it was the video, is now the national security advisor. I also know that Leon Panetta signed a $3 million book deal. I also know that General Petraeus is now working for the large Wall Street firm up in New York and making a lot of money. I also know that Jack Lew, the chief of staff, is now the secretary of treasury.”

But one whistle-blower has thrown caution to the wind in an attempt to break the true story about what happened that night. Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya Greg Hicks is in the process of being reassigned in the State Department, and feels he is being punished for speaking out about what happened in Benghazi, and wanting questions answered. Below is an excerpt from an interview with him.

Though not yet proven, the most likely scenario about why the Benghazi attack is being covered up is that the CIA was using the outpost to run weapons into the middle east, possibly in support of Syrian rebels. Still, much to Hillary’s chagrin, what happened that night does make a difference to a lot of people; the families of those murdered, and any American who wants to hold their government accountable. With Hillary gearing up to run for President, we should remember her role in denying aide to Americans being attacked, and subsequently stonewalling in an attempt to hide what went on that night, and the true reasons for the attack.

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