Pro-Obamacare? Stop Ignoring the United Kingdom


In the past I have directed readers’ attention to the UK health system called the National Health Service, particularly the Liverpool Care pathway to death. This “Pathway to Death” was meant to keep patients comfortable at the end of their lives, but has been used to starve patients to death before their time, in order to free up much needed hospital beds. But the practice appears to be much more widespread than previously thought, according to the Daily Caller.

Alarming reports of doctors and nurses using drugs to hasten the death of terminally ill patients and killing patients who were seriously ill or mentally challenged but not dying by denying them food, water, and medicine were confirmed by a government-commissioned review

As many as 1,200 patients died needlessly over a three-year period at two hospitals managed by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust because of what a government-commissioned report chaired by Robert Francis described as “appalling care.”

As many as 13,000 patients have died needlessly since 2005 at hospitals managed by another 14 trusts because of “fundamental breaches of care,” according to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health.

There are a number of reasons why this has happened in Britain, and the similarities in government run healthcare would likely lead to the same in America. For one, hospitals are given incentives to save money, which made more patients go on end-of-life-care before their time. It becomes about government cutting cost, instead of patients receiving the care they need. And when doctors are so constrained by the government in what they are allowed to do, and afraid of breaking government directives, they lose compassion for their patients, which allows these types of abuses to take place. Just as the Milgram experiment found that most people will follow the orders of an authority figure, even when they can clearly see the harm being done to the subject, the same happens when authorities tell the doctors what to do, and doctors tell the nurses what to do.

And furthermore the government’s first response to wrongdoing is to cover it up as we have seen countless examples of in recent months as scandal after scandal hits Washington. Every single one was first covered up by the government before being brought to light. The British government also covered up the abysmal care at various healthcare institutions despite the many complaints from patients and patients’ families.

How can Americans think the government run healthcare in the United States will be better, when the bill was passed without being read by the politicians who voted for it? Any good that politicians claimed would come from the Affordable Care Act was literally entirely based on the name of the bill. There is not some magic formula that Great Britain got wrong and America got right, every time the government has taken over healthcare in any country, healthcare has gotten worse. To still believe Obamacare will have a positive effect on medicine is akin to a child covering their ears, shutting their eyes, and saying “I’m not listening, I’m not listening”.

Shouldn’t the fact that congress exempted themselves, their staff, and their families from Obamacare tell us something about the bill? It is not too late to dump the entire thing, and start over. Health savings accounts, as described by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, would be a far better step towards providing care for millions, and keeping the patient in control of their healthcare, which is necessary for keeping costs down, and quality up.

So if we are serious about wanting people to have good healthcare, and not so lazy that we base our opinion on the name of a bill, we will scrap Obamacare, and come up with a real solution where patients won’t be killed off by the government in order to save money.

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