Biden’s National Security Leaks Brought Down SEAL Team 6

While it is hard to forget that Joe Biden is a buffoon, it is important to remember that he is a buffoon with national security information. He is also a political opportunist who will score political points at any cost. According to the Washington Times, Biden’s loose lips are the reason 22 Navy SEALs from Team 6 are dead, after their helicopter went down due to an attack by a Taliban fighter.

Navy SEAL Team 6 has attained international prominence for one reason: They were responsible for killing Osama bin Laden. They are American heroes. Yet, their own government betrayed them. Several days after the bin Laden operation, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. — in a pathetic attempt to spike the football and gloat — publicly revealed their central role in the raid. His revelations put a giant target on the backs of every Navy SEAL Team 6 member. A covert unit, whose mission is to operate in the murky shadows, was exposed as the group that eliminated al Qaeda’s chief mastermind. Mr. Biden’s reckless actions — followed by President Obama’s own words acknowledging the secret unit’s operation — jeopardized the Navy SEALs’ safety.

A number of now deceased members of SEAL team 6 contacted family members warning them about the danger Biden had put them and their families in. They instructed their families to remove any information from social networking sites that may link them to SEAL team 6. But it was not the families who were attacked in the end, a helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEALs from Team 6, 7 Afghan fighters, and four others was shot down on landing approach in Afghanistan by Taliban militants. But the story does not end there; for some reason, a cover-up then ensued.

Apparently, someone tipped them off that the SEALs were coming; the helicopter was attacked from three sides in a coordinated ambush. The U.S. military claimed that the Chinook was blown to pieces by a shoulder-fired missile, in which everyone on board was burned beyond recognition. Hence, senior military officials ordered the American bodies cremated without the prior approval of their family members…

The military’s narrative, however, is false. Charles Strange, whose son, Michael, died during the attack, says he viewed the pictures of the crash site. “I saw Mike’s dead body,” Mr. Strange said in an interview. “It was clearly recognizable. He was clutching his gun. He wasn’t burned to a crisp. Why did they cremate my boy? They didn’t need to do that. Something’s not right.”

And the other sketchy part of the story from the U.S. military is that, oops, the helicopter’s black box was washed away in a flash flood, except that flash floods are almost unheard of in that part of Afghanistan. The helicopter was also not given ariel backup, which is reportedly standard procedure for the military. And finally, the 7 Afghanis on board the downed helicopter replaced at the last minute the Afghan fighters who were originally supposed to be on board.

There are a number of suspicious details about this incident which leaves much to question, and that is why the families of the dead American soldiers want answers. Rep. Chaffetz and Rep. Issa have launched a probe into the deaths, let’s see how long it takes for the Obama administration to claim they are wasting time and resources on a phony scandal; a scandal which is very real to the friends and loved ones of those murdered.

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