Evidence of Benghazi Coverup

More information has been found on the government coverup of what exactly happened in Benghazi last September 11th when Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans were killed at the American consulate in Libya. After initially claiming for weeks that a video depicting Muhammed had led to a spontaneous protest in the streets, the Obama administration was forced to admit that the video had nothing to do with this organized attack on the American embassy. Still, officials were not forthcoming with information, and much of what happened in Libya on that night has been left in the dark. Now, some details are emerging on American witnesses who were there on the night of the attack, and why it was so important to keep what was happening secret.

A video clip from CNN suggests that there were about 35 Americans working for the government on the ground in Benghazi on September 11 2012, the night of the attack. About 21 of these people were working at the CIA office and it is unclear exactly the role of the others, or even who they are, although as many as 7 were injured, some seriously. This is because, according to some sources, the American witnesses are being hushed in order to hide something that was happening. Some evidence suggests the CIA was in the process of running weapons taken from the former Libyan government, in order to place them in the hands of Syrian rebels fighting the regime of Bashir Al Assad.


According to the report, one “insider source” told CNN’s investigative team that speaking out on the attack and subsequent coverup does not just “jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well”. This is in addition to the widespread belief that speaking out on the attack will end one’s career in the CIA or State Department. And another source claims, “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation”. Some of this pressure includes monthly polygraph tests, something that usually only happens if the polygraph division suspects misconduct; otherwise polygraphs typically take place for CIA employees every 3 or 4 years. The CIA shot back with a typical statement saying this is all blown out of proportion and that they allow anyone to speak to congress, and are aware of no suppression of witnesses to the events.

Still, you have got to wonder why none of these witnesses have spoken in front of congress. One member of congress, Rep. Frank Wolf, in the video even claims that survivors of the attacks asked to testify before congress under oath, but have since pulled out because of the intimidation from the CIA. One thing is certain, that the pressure must remain on this administration to allow the truth about what happened to be released. If witnesses are in fact being threatened and suppressed, this is a serious violation their rights, and would require a massive investigation and firing of anyone who inititated or participated in the cover up.

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