Professors Angry Over Obamacare Requirements


Similar to the Teamsters and other Unions now complaining about the Affordable Care Act (after helping to pass it), Professors at some universities are now less than pleased with some requirements being dished out because of the law. Keep in mind college professors by a large margin supported the healthcare law, and support the democrats who implemented the law by and large, just like the unions. But, what’s that? When they feel something negative coming their way from the law, they don’t like it anymore? I thought professors were the smartest among us, who should have been able to look past stage one and see where the rules in the law would lead. Or did the professors not read the law, just like the politicians who passed it? Did they just look at the name and assume we would finally create a utopia? Apparently nobody bothered to think for 5 seconds that if employers have to cover their employees healthcare after a certain number of working hours, they would cut those hours back to avoid the requirement, leaving the employees with less pay, and no insurance. Many people pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to be taught by these people. Viva intelligentsia!

And now some of these instructors are finding themselves among the first to be ensnared by a requirement of Obamacare — the Affordable Care Act — as their employers are planning to cut their teaching hours to make sure they don’t qualify for health care benefits under the new law…

Here’s the problem: Starting next year, Obamacare will require companies that employ more than 50 full-time workers to provide health insurance to employees who work 30 or more hours a week, or else pay a fine.

But what’s an “hour” for a college teacher? Depending on the subject matter, level of interaction with students and other factors, one hour in the classroom can require two, three or more hours of preparation, grading, conferences and so on.

So the people who supported the health care bill the most will suffer with the rest of us. The article continues to detail how specifically adjunct professors will suffer because of their hours and pay simultaneously being cut while their costs rise: having to pay either the mandated no-coverage fee, or buy insurance. But that isn’t the only problem professors have with the Affordable Care Act. Some professors at Penn State are outraged that their employer will require intense health screenings, or force employees to pay $100 a month. This is because Obamacare had built into it incentives for employers to have healthy employees.

“I resent that my employer requires that I submit to medical exams, essentially,” said Matthew Woessner, a political science professor at PSU, in a statement to Inside Higher Ed. “There’s a fine line between encouraging employees to be healthy and requiring them to comply with health screenings.”

Mark Pauly, a professor of health care management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, said PSU’s policy was uniquely authoritarian.

“It is a mystery to me why Penn State would start irritating their workers,” he said in a statement…

Ironically, the Affordable Care Act – -which most university professors overwhelmingly supported — encourages employers to enforce healthier workplace environments by increasing coverage when such policies are implemented.

Of course all this would have been quite foreseeable if the professors had read the bill and applied economic principles to its requirements. It is scary that professors are being blindsided by something that was so obvious and predictable, unless your brain is clouded by idealistic utopian collectivist ideology.

2 thoughts on “Professors Angry Over Obamacare Requirements

  1. Yes, it betrays the true goals of academia which is fulfillment of an inaccurate and utopian vision, regardless of facts, or economics, or actual effects on real people.

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