Thomas Sowell on Multi-Culturalism

Thomas Sowell discusses his latest book “Intellectuals and Race” in the clip below. He begins by stating that all cultures are not equal; some have advantages in certain areas, and disadvantages in others. The whole idea that multi-culturalism or diversity in and of itself is always beneficial is something that has become widely accepted, but is not necessarily true. Sowell also argues that government intervention into the labor market is what caused black unemployment to rise far above white unemployment, when as recently as 1930 black labor force participation was higher than white participation in the labor force.

Thomas Sowell is extremely effective at informing readers and listeners of the fallacies in a lot of “common knowledge”. While some may assume that a rise in the minimum wage would help poor people, Sowell goes beyond stage one and dissects the situation to find that entrance level jobs are given to more qualified candidates when minimum wage rises above what entrance level labor is worth. For this reason a rise in minimum wage can increase unemployement, and ruin any opportunity to gain useful skills, because the lower paid job was never available to start at. Instead an overqualified person will be hired for the job, since the government forces the minimum pay to be higher than what low skill level laborers would be paid in a free market.


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