Media Target Watchdog Issa at Behest of Admin

Rep. Darrell Issa is the head of the House Oversight Committee, and has been a major player in bringing to light and investigating a number of scandals that have rocked the white house. A new book has come out according to the Washington Post, which claims that the Obama administration began encouraging reporters to write negative stories about Issa back in 2010 before the midterm elections. Issa had already ticked off the administration by investigating the failed Fast and Furious operation which allowed guns to be brought into Mexico, lost, sold to drug cartels, and eventually end up at the murder scene of a U.S. border patrol agent. Media Matters was instructed at the time by the Department of Justice to post negative attack articles on anyone who criticized the botched gun sting, including Issa in January 2012.

Now more details have been unearthed which show more targeting of Rep. Issa by the Obama administration.

New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich describes what he says were the anti-Issa efforts in “This Town,” a condemnation of Washington self-obsession and self-promotion, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Post.
According to Leibovich, former Obama deputy press secretary Bill Burton suggested the reporter look into Issa’s past. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was also circulating opposition research on the congressman, Leibovich writes.

It should not be too surprising that the Obama administration behaves this way; it is common for someone who has done wrong to start pointing fingers in every direction. Since the Obama administration could not combat the actual scandal, they try to shoot the messenger, and damage his reputation so that people will not believe what he has to say. I think this tactic has become all too obvious from the outside looking in, and it seems to have had little impact on Issa or his re-election. I just hope this makes people realize that much of the media is in the hands of the state. You cannot just trust what you may read, especially on sites which have a proven connection to the Justice Department, like Media Matters. Reporters love to cozy up to an administration who regularly rewards “good reporters” with high level government jobs, and harasses other “bad reporters” using the Justice Department, and intimidation through criminal investigations into free speech.

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