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The Porcupine Freedom Festival at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster New Hampshire was a blast. The Free State Project’s 10th annual summer festival was a mixture of Republicans, Libertarians, Anarcho-Capitalists, Constitutionalists, and even some Democrats. You couldn’t walk ten feet from your campsite without seeing someone carrying a gun, because these people like to exercise their rights. In fact I felt incredibly safe the entire time I was attending the event, and go figure no one got shot despite the multitude of rifles and handguns being carried. There were no problems at all in fact, no police required, no accidental discharges, no fights, just a bunch of like-minded people looking out for each other and enjoying their time together.

The camaraderie was amazing. I don’t think everyone who attended Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party was gay, but everyone was having a blast. I think it means a lot to the gay community to show that acceptance is something they will find among the ranks of Libertarians. I have been to other events similar in size and revelry; concerts and such, and you always seem to see a few out of control drunk folks, and some tough guys looking for a fight. Well there were plenty of tough guys, but no one was looking for a fight, and even the drunk people were in control. This was a self policing event where we all knew that we had something in common, we knew we were ambassadors to the limited government (or no government for the Anarcho-Capitalists) ideology, and therefore we kept ourselves and others out of trouble.

There were at least 5 State Representatives from New Hampshire at the festival, and I believe there are currently 9 Free State Project participants who are in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Mark Warden and Michael Garcia are two of the Free State Project’s elected reps, each representing a different side of the aisle, but each having almost identical voting records. States rights and keeping New Hampshire in control of its affairs is a major part of the movement. Free Staters have also introduced legislation to legalize cannabis, lower taxes, and protect New Hampshire from federal law through nullification.

Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor and 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nominee, gave a great speech which covered multiple liberty oriented topics. One thing I found interesting about this libertarian crowd though, was the unwillingness to take what Johnson said as gospel. Throughout most of his speech the crowd agreed, and applauded heartily; you could see Gary Johnson stickers on a large percentage of cars at the campground. But most of the people involved in Porcfest are pretty ideologically consistent, which is why there were boos heard when Gary Johnson expressed support for the flat tax. Most people in attendance agreed that there should be no income tax at all, which is why Gary Johnson was not met with praise in that particular segment. Still, he brushed it off, laughed and said that it would be a step in the right direction. But the crowd was friendly, so I think Johnson understood that when some audience members disagreed, it was more teasing than anything else; he handled it well.

It was such a refreshing few days to be amongst the friendliest, most fun people I have met in a long time. I am planning on attending this event on a yearly basis. It keeps growing each season and people from all across the country were in attendance this year. Check back here for more discussion on other speakers and the concept of Anarcho-Capitalsim.

Here is a video I put together from some footage I took at Porcfest. (I re-uploaded it after the sound was muted because I used a Pink Floyd song. Now there’s no background music, and it is silent for the first minute or two).

7 thoughts on “PorcFest X Video

  1. Great microcosm of what PorcFest was. Wish you would have attended some of our shooting events- as Self Ownership requires vigilant protection- a factor I think was largely absent, in spite of all the “open carry” going on (myself included in this one).

    Training, and cohesiveness are important in my eyes if we collectively differ from the norm.

    Again- GREAT video. Thank you.

  2. Great blog post. I believe there are 11 current state reps that are free state participants. Though, 2-3 of the state reps at Porcfest aren’t even free staters. I was told that around 19 free staters have been elected as state reps in NH. Between all of the free staters and all of the elections in NH, free staters have won elections maybe 100 times.

  3. Thanks guys! Yea I was also having a lot of fun, so taking video may have taken a back-seat at times. Can’t wait to go back next year. For now I hope this gives people the accurate perception that the attendees are mostly open minded responsible people.

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