Discussing the NSA Spying on WMRC’s “Under the Gun”

Listen to the half hour Saturday morning radio show from last weekend on WMRC called “Under the Gun”. I was on last week again to discuss politics, loosely related to guns. We discuss how the IRS suppression of Tea Party groups gives credence to the idea that a big government could target specific groups based on their political affiliations and opposition to whatever administration currently holds power. The NSA’s PRISM program and tapping of Verizon phone records shows that the “tinfoil hat wearers” had reason to fear the government all along. What this means for gun control is that a new level of skepticism is introduced to the debate, based on the fact that the government does in fact target specific groups of people on certain occasions. With all the information coming out about various scandals, it appears to be more common than thought to suppress certain groups, cover up certain facts, and discredit people with legitimate concerns to raise.

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