Cartoon Versions of Liberal Opposition

While I was looking through political cartoons trying to find one to post, I came across so many more left wing cartoons than right wing ones. I came to realize that cartoons are probably the best way for the left to get their point across, because most of their political tactics involve making their opponents into a cartoon rendition of what they really are anyway. What is great for liberals is that with a political cartoon you do not have to explain anything, or back anything up, it is just about taking a shot at your opponent. No matter how inaccurate the claim may be, it just has to be packaged nicely into a cartoon that looks nice and creates a chuckle, so that liberals can argue against a straw man.

Tea party polcart

In this cartoon, it is enough to suggest that Tea Partiers are crazy and stupid without ever examining the first claim, which is made out to look asinine. Why are people unemployed because government is too big? Because when the government creates jobs with money taken out of the private sector, they do not create as many jobs with the same amount of money, or the types of jobs which add to the production of consumer desired products and services. What we get with a big government is to keep jobs at a factory making cars, instead of one new job here, and one new job there, spread out throughout the country, and throughout businesses. But actual economics and how the market works doesn’t matter when liberals are trying to disparage their opponents. All that matters is the made-up, cartoon version of the people who disagree with liberals.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Versions of Liberal Opposition

  1. This is also why many comedians are liberal, too. Easy enough to get on stage, make a few cracks at those “crazy conservatives”, and then when some audience members don’t laugh… hey, what’s wrong, don’t you have a sense of humor?

    • good point. i think the media has often made it easier for conservatives to be the punch line than liberals.

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