Obama: “Institutionalize” Post Terror Attack America

More than anything, what I will be striving for over the next three and a half years is to see if that spirit we saw in Boston and West Texas, to see if we can institutionalize that [and] if we can create a framework where everybody’s working together and moving this country forward.

According to the Daily Caller, that is what President Obama told a group of celebrities, bankers, and wealthy donors in New York City after escaping the scandal plagued DC. What Obama appears to be saying is that he liked seeing the unity of Americans coming together after a terrorist attack. Did he like the fact that Americans all cheered and rooted on the police and military while they violated the Fourth Amendment rights of Watertown residents in the name of an emergency? Did Obama like the fact that suspicious packages were reported around every corner and the “see something, say something” campaign has never been stronger? Or maybe that just seems like the best plan for getting Americans to sacrifice liberty in the name of a little, temporary safety. After all, you never want to let a crisis go to waste.

You may have been able to excuse the President’s statement had he not expressed his wish to institutionalize a post-terrorist-attack America. The great thing about America has always been that it has moved forward despite the fact that everyone is doing their separate thing. That is what has worked, people working together for mutual benefit; not the masses being roused into a lockstep march “moving this country forward” due to a crisis, or tragedy. Patriotism is a good thing. Using fear to make people come together, against a common enemy is dangerous, especially when the government prescribes who the enemy is.

Now we know that the enemy may be a certain political group with any number of government agencies set as the attack dog. Will the IRS be knocking on your door for an audit because your name appeared on a Tea Party document? Has your phone been tapped because you are a member of the press and are now having all your communications illegally monitored by the DOJ, including the identity of sources? When the President feels the need to monitor and intimidate the press to make sure certain things do not make it out to the public, you have got to wonder what his idea of  “moving this country forward” involves.

I think Obama wants to institutionalize a post terrorist attack atmosphere in America so that no one questions his judgement. He wants the people to abandon their freedoms and submit to the authorities in the name of security. Obama does not want to have to be bothered answering questions about how his administration handled Benghazi, he wants “a framework where everybody’s working together” toward the common, specified goal of the government. He probably thinks that institutionalizing a post terror attack America will make the masses more maneuverable and open to taking orders, like the civilians in Watertown, while the masses cheer on with their daily “2 minutes hate”. I think Obama would love to see the figurative Reichstag building burn to the ground in order to implement the type of order and organization that Germany achieved when Hitler’s political enemies were blamed for the fire.

2 thoughts on “Obama: “Institutionalize” Post Terror Attack America

    • It was written about the fact that the President said he wants America to always be/feel like it was just attacked by terrorists.

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