Benghazi Coverup a Diplomacy Disaster

Not only did Susan Rice lie to the American people just after the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack on the Libyan embassy, but the coverup also more than likely inhibited the U.S. government’s ability to properly investigate the attack. House Oversight Committee Chairman Darryl Issa spoke about the testimony he received from Greg Hicks, “deputy chief of mission” and currently acting ambassador to Libya. Hicks said that he was appalled at the response from the Obama administration that the terrorist attack was a spontaneous protest caused by a youtube video depicting Muhammad. Hicks claims that he, the CIA, an the White House knew immediately that a coordinated attack had taken place, and any claims otherwise by the White House were erroneous.

The main problem with what Susan Rice was told by the administration to say on numerous talk shows about the Benghazi attack is that it directly contradicted what the Libyan president had said about the attacks. The Libyan president said it was a terrorist attack on the same show, minutes before Rice claimed the opposite. The result is a soured diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and Libya which most likely kept U.S. officials from gaining access to the site of the attack, and cooperation from the Libyan government with the investigation into who carried out the attack. According to

When she appeared on Face the Nation, she followed an interview with the President of Libya who claimed he had “no doubt” it was a terror attack. Moments later, Amb. Rice contradicted him and claimed a spontaneous protest was more likely.

Acting Ambassador Hicks watched the Sunday shows and said he found this contradiction shocking. “The net impact of what has transpired is the spokesperson of the most powerful country in the world has basically said that the President of Libya is either a liar or doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” he accused. Hicks added, “My jaw hit the floor as I watched this…I’ve never been as embarrassed in my life, in my career as on that day.”

Hicks believes the stunning failure of diplomacy on the Sunday news shows explains why it took the FBI three weeks to gain access to the Benghazi site. The U.S. had effectively humiliated the Libyan President on national TV. That decision, he believed, probably compromised our ability to investigate and track down those responsible.

Issa believes the main motivation for covering up the facts about the attack was that the administration wanted to sell the idea that the war on terrorism is over, and that around the globe people are safe from terrorist attacks. Another aspect of the coverup was the fact that the state department turned down a request from the late Ambassador Stevens for more security on the ground at the Libyan embassy. Issa says that it was clearly a political decision to lie to the public in order to cover up the fact that terrorist threats persist, and to downplay the Islamist terrorist threat. It is worth watching the entire interview with Issa as it shows that the actions of the Obama administration following the terrorist attack on Benghazi were politically motivated to save face, and the immense failure of diplomacy damaged the ability to track down and bring to justice the terrorists who carried out the attack.


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