Silly Peasants; Guns are for Elites


Jim Carrey has joined the list with Michael Bloomberg and Michael Moore of elitists who have armed body-guards to protect them, yet ridicule the American public for wanting to retain the ability to protect themselves. But it’s okay because Carrey’s bodyguard “doesn’t have a hundred rounds in his clip”. But in his south-bashing rural-hating new song, Carrey never specifies what number of bullets makes you join the ranks of the “heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids”. Now while Carrey’s armed guard protects his kids, is he also a heartless MFer unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids?

Reported yesterday was a story from Kentucky where a man with a bandana covering his face broke into a home where 3 children were sleeping, and a friend of the homeowner happened to have his gun. He scared off the intruder without hitting him, although one shot was fired. I suppose Jim Carrey believes this man should have sacrificed his children… for the safety of our kids?

Also reported yesterday was a story of an Oklahoma man who called 911, and was on the phone while an intruder tried to break into his house. When police failed to get there in time, the man shot the intruder 3 times when he forced his way through the door. This heartless MFer just did not seem to understand that if he protects himself against criminals, innocent children will die, according to Jim Carrey.

Was the 12 year old girl home alone who shot an intruder who broke down the door of the room she was hiding in also a heartless MFer? Should she have just “taken one for the team” so that, according to Carrey, kids will be safer? What about the mom home alone with her two kids who hid in a crawlspace before opening fire on an intruder after he found their hiding spot? Was she just as heartless? Or the 18 year old recent widow who protected herself and her infant with a shotgun when two knife wielding men broke down her door. Carrey would apparently rather hear about a double murder or rape than an innocent young woman bravely defending herself. What do the last three stories have in common? All of the victims had called police before they were forced to shoot the intruder.

Not everyone has the luxury of an armed guard, like Jim Carrey. Everyday people save themselves, their families, and their children with firearms. Jim Carrey is only half an idiot–he knows hiring an armed guard will keep himself and his kids safe, but God forbid us uneducated non-Hollywood bumpkins defend ourselves. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has an entourage of gunmen, yet seems more interested in saving us from soft-drinks than from criminals. Obama’s kids go to a school protected by armed guards, and we are expected to send our kids to schools which advertise the fact that no one can protect themselves on the premises. Homeland Security workplace violence training videos tell you to use anything you can get your hands on to protect yourself–like scissors–but that if you want to bring a gun to work for protection, you’ll probably just end up shooting your boss in a momentary lapse of self control.

Its time for these elitist hypocrites to stop endangering our kids. It’s absurd to me that people think outlawing guns would keep them out of the hands of criminals… as if illegal drugs were not being used epidemically. And when car accidents kill three times as many people as gunshots each year, how is it that guns get blamed but not cars? The mainstream media helps support the ignorance by failing to report the people all over the country who use guns to defend themselves against criminals every single day.

It’s hard to tell if Jim Carrey is doing this just for the headlines, or if he is really that stupid that he sees no hypocrisy in hiring an armed guard, while insulting gun owners (you can’t even call his video criticism, as he seems more interested in suggesting gun owners have small penises than on a factual analysis of how to keep kids safe). Anyway I suppose never watching another one of his movies won’t be too big of a loss. Although I was looking forward to seeing him shoot some bad guys in Kick Ass 2–I’m sorry did I say shoot some bad guys? I meant endanger children everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Silly Peasants; Guns are for Elites

  1. While I agree the right to bear arms needs to be protected for all the reasons you give here, I do think your examples don’t counteract the bans on assault weapons with hundreds of rounds that Carey mentions. When the 2nd amendment was passed, guns were two-bullet shotguns. While that is unrealistic in our modern times and technology, there is a middle ground here. Your examples are great illustrations of why we need to protect our rights, but there are limits and you have exaggerated a tad bit much.

    By the way, love your little jab at Bloomberg for the sugary drinks ban. Forget guns…we need our soda!

  2. Well in Carrey’s video, he criticizes gun owners, he never gives “an acceptable amount of ammunition”. And if we are going to debate how much ammo or what kind of guns, that leaves the door open to all sorts of restrictions, and I think the phrase “shall not be infringed” is pretty clear. For instance, there were no computers when the fourth amendment was written, does that mean that any information saved on a computer is free to be searched by the police without a warrant?

    Also the 2nd amendment was meant to allow citizens to protect themselves with anything that a criminal or oppressive government might have. Not that we should ever have to show a need to exercise a basic right (why do I NEED the freedom of speech to insult people? So that none of my legitimate free speech it curtailed with that excuse), the fact is we are born with the right to protect ourselves, and must be allowed to do so with any means available. I do, however, address the need for big clips in another article that talks about the LA riots, and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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