Dr. Ben Carson, Rising Star

Dr. Ben Carson, who says he will only run for President if God compels him to, is exactly the type of leadership this country needs. The famous neurosurgeon has come out as against “Obamacare” on multiple occasions, offering an alternative based on personal health savings accounts. Although he would most likely run as a Republican, he displays a number of differences from the mainstream GOP, which I believe would be major assets. His acceptance may also offer a chance for the GOP to successfully rebrand itself with new ideas, while recapturing conservative principles of limited government.

For one, Dr. Carson says he was against the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and sent President Bush a letter at the time detailing what he would do instead, according to the Daily Caller. He said that a better solution would have been to vow American petroleum independence within a decade.

“And that would’ve been much more effective than going to war because, first of all, the moderate Arab states would’ve been terrified. And they would’ve handed over Osama Bin Laden and anybody else we wanted on a silver platter to keep us from doing that.”

“Most importantly,” he added, “the terrorists will be defunded, and that’s the way you get to them.”

He also signaled that he was more in favor of covert secret operations than massive ground deployments and invasions. On other topics as well Carson offers refreshing views on topics that matter to Americans today. When asked about his position on gay marriage, he expressed similar sentiments to a recent VigilantVote article championing the idea that no marriage should be something recognized by the state, but that any two consenting adults should have the same rights.

Carson maintains this independent strain on domestic topics as well. On the topic of gay marriage, Carson said he doesn’t believe “anyone from any group has the right to redefine a major pillar of society.” But, he added, “any two consenting adults have the right to formalize a relationship between them.”

Thomas Sowell recently wrote an article discussing the book “Gifted Hands” about Dr. Ben Carson’s own story of childhood struggles, and overcoming hardship.

Virtually everything was against young Ben Carson, except for his mother’s attitudes and values. But, armed with her outlook, he was able to fight his way through many battles, including battles to control his own temper, as well as external obstacles.

Today, Dr. Benjamin Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon at a renowned institution, Johns Hopkins University. But what got him there was wholly different from what is being offered to many ghetto youths today, much of which is not merely futile but counterproductive.

If you have not yet watched his speech from a national prayer breakfast which Obama attended, check it out below and if you are anything like me, you’ll be impressed.

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