Obama: “I never want to make myself 100% clear”.

In a recent press conference President Obama joked to reporters, “I never want to make myself 100% clear”. Well, much truth is spoken in jest; clarity is Obama’s arch nemesis. If Obama were 100% clear about things, he would not have been able to flat out lie in a debate before the election, about who proposed the sequester. “First of all, the sequester is not something I proposed”, Obama said, “It’s something that Congress has proposed”. You can watch a white house official try to explain this particular lie in this video.

Clarity is not an asset to Obama. He does the best when not talking about specifics, but instead giving lofty sounding speeches that refer to world peace, neighborly love, and putting differences behind us. When it comes to the specifics, he needs to dodge as much as possible in order to conceal the fact that his actions as President take us in the opposite direction of the positive outcomes he describes.

In the same press conference, a reporter asks why Obama doesn’t just have the leaders down here and refuse to let them leave the room until a deal is reached. To this Obama answers, “I am not a dictator, I’m the President… I can’t have secret service block the doorway”. At this the members of the press in the room seem to get excited, perhaps annoyed that Obama is not a dictator, and mount a bit of protest, before being soothed by Obama’s calming words. The whole thing seemed like such a joke, that I could not help thinking of a South Park clip in which reporters question President Bush about the First Amendment.

South Park Clip- President Bush Questioned at News Conference over First Amendment.

We have a compound problem here. We have a President who will say anything to accomplish his political goals, and we have a media who essentially just report what the President says as truth, without doing any research. I think the fact that the media is so clueless at times allows Obama to get away with a lot of lying and misleading. Go and ask people who’s idea the sequester was, and I would be surprised if people knew Obama proposed the idea himself. Right now it is all too easy for the white house to control the narrative about what is going on in Washington. What gets me is that $85 billion of cuts has received so much attention, when every one of Obama’s budgets has added a trillion dollars or more to the national debt. Cutting $85 billion a year is a drop in the bucket, it is a distraction.

3 thoughts on “Obama: “I never want to make myself 100% clear”.

  1. Good post and wow – that south park clip was right on! I miss the days of watch dog journalism where Obama would have been called out on something like this immediately, on all sides.

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