Black Conservatives Discuss Racist Roots of Gun Control

This video goes well with the other day’s discussion about Democrats’ exploitation of racial tensions to garner votes. I discussed how historically Democrats were the ones who opposed black equality and fought the civil rights movement. In fact almost every politician who had previously been a KKK member, has been elected as a Democrat. In the video black conservatives discuss the root of gun control, and how it was meant to keep blacks from defending themselves against racists in the south.

The first man to speak thanks the NRA for their roots of training freed slaves in firearm use to protect themselves against the KKK. The video then cuts to Niger Innis who says that gun control has always been about people control. During the Dred Scott case he says, the racist chief justice said that the humanity of blacks could not be recognized, because then they would be able to keep and bear arms.


The next video is from the same conference, although the camera work is not quite as good. Stacy Swimmer mentions how the first gun laws were to keep track of which blacks in the south could defend themselves against Klansmen. He then speaks about criminals’ reaction to gun control and says, “So if you think for one minute that gun control is gonna do anything about reducing crime, what you’ve done is you’ve just played into the hands of criminals, and they are having a party and thanking the Democrat party for making it much easier for them to take the lives of law abiding citizens.”



Not mentioned in the video, is what the abolitionist John Brown did which got him hanged. John Brown believed the only way to end slavery would be an armed slave insurrection. He therefore attempted to raid the Armory at Harpers Ferry in order to acquire firearms to distribute to slaves. He was unsuccessful. But the lesson is that free men must have the ability to protect themselves, and that the only way for men to be enslaved, is for them to be unarmed and defenseless.

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