Obamacare: Part Timers Go From Limited Coverage to No Coverage

Obamacare will force about 500 part time Universal Orlando employees out of health insurance by the year’s end. Currently part time workers at Universal pay about $18 a week for a limited coverage plan, sometimes called a mini-med plan, that provides $5,000 of yearly coverage. The Affordable Care Act will make healthcare unaffordable for these and many other part time workers, because it bans mini-med plans, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Beginning in 2014, the law will prohibit insurance plans that impose annual monetary limits on essential medical care such as hospitalization, or on overall spending.

The reasoning behind this is that the mini plans do not cover enough medical emergencies, so the solution was to force these part time workers into having no health insurance. We are all apparently too dumb to decide what type, if any, health insurance we have, so the government will force a hard decision on these part time workers–go broke buying a plan with “proper” coverage, or pay a fee to the government comparable to the old cost of you sub-par plan. These workers will go from paying insurance companies $18 a week for limited coverage, to paying the government $13.50 a week for no coverage. Good job Obamacare.

Universal Orlando actually will not save any money, because they did not spend any on their workers’ plans before. Universal would get their part time employees who wanted coverage a group rate so that they could have some coverage instead of no coverage. What Obamacare does is say, “you can’t have limited coverage, your choices are full coverage or no coverage”. To many part time workers, and people with low income, this effectively translates to one choice: pay the $695 yearly fee–I’m sorry, tax–if you are single and make less than $37,000/year. Otherwise your tax for not owning health insurance will be bigger. And it isn’t just Universal Orlando,

A spokesman for Orlando-based Darden Restaurants said Tuesday its limited-coverage plans will “go away after this year,” as well.

“We’d like to have the option to continue offering them, since they are popular with our part-time employees, but the ACA doesn’t offer that type of flexibility,” spokesman Rich Jeffers said.

Its absurd to me that people can pretend the Affordable Care Act improved anything to do with healthcare. Insurance costs across the board have risen and are still rising, while affordable alternatives have been removed as an option. How is it an improvement for part time workers to now have no health insurance, instead of a “sub-par” plan? Wouldn’t they be better off putting that money towards a minimal plan than handing it to the government? Or better yet, wouldn’t that money be better saved in a medical account for when something does go wrong? Why can’t people pay their medical bills with a payment plan for years after, instead of paying an insurance company for years before? At least then money would be going directly toward medical treatment, instead of some being siphoned off by the insurance middle-man.

Some of you may have seen Dr. Carson’s speech at a recent prayer breakfast that Obama attended. Dr. Ben Carson, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, spoke in favor of a health savings plan, giving individuals control over their health care, and therefore reducing costs because people would be responsible for their own medical decisions and expenses. This does not mean that money couldn’t be contributed to a person’s account from elsewhere, just that a person would have to work within the constraints of their account to decide the best medical options from a cost benefit perspective. When something is free, people use more of it, and this is dangerous in healthcare because it means skyrocketing costs, and lower quality care. Something can appear free when it is paid for upfront through insurance, or when the government covers the costs with tax dollars; but in reality, nothing is free. Click here to read more into why the patient needs to share the costs of medical care.

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