American’s Guns Confiscated Without Due Process

Yesterday I wrote about how American citizens of Japanese ancestry were imprisoned in American internment camps during WWII, completely violating their Constitutional rights. Today I would like to highlight another issue that “could never happen here”. If you are a citizen who is distrustful of our government, which is healthy, and believe in the Constitution, you may have run into people who laugh at any suggestion our rights could be taken away. Many on the extreme left will claim they support the second amendment, while in the same sentence talking about the limitations they would like to see on firearm ownership–the phrase “shall not be infringed” does not leave much open to interpretation.

But I try not to let it bother me when ignorant people scoff at the fact that our rights are slowly diminishing. Some people apparently think that if a government wanted to limit our rights they would come out and say it explicitly. That’s not what happens though, waves of tiny regulations amount to having no rights in the end. Right now we can see the beginning stages of gun confiscation. Some instances may seem like isolated events, but others appear more orchestrated. This could be the negative effects of a bureaucracy at work, or it could be the beginning stages of testing how the public will react to gun confiscation.

Check out the video below. You will see national guard units patrolling neighborhoods in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, confiscating firearms. You will see and hear victims of unlawful  firearm confiscation where no crime was committed, property rights were ignored, due process was ignored, and innocent people’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were clearly violated by local, regional, and federal law enforcement.

The video begins with a Marine saying, “Marines obey orders, and when we’re told to carry out a mission, we carry out that mission,” when asked if they would confiscate firearms if ordered to. The video then moves onto the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where the police department says that “no one will be able to be armed. We will take all the weapons”. This, of course, would be the very situation where people need their firearms most, in order to protect their families, homes, and property. Likewise, anyone without a legally registered firearm would not have their gun confiscated, meaning the looting criminals get to hold onto their guns, and innocent people holed up in their homes trying to ride out the disaster will be defenseless. Oh yea, and its completely 100% illegal for the police to enter a home without a search warrant, disarm the inhabitants, and steal their property without going through due process of law.

That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood, where residents had armed themselves to protect their mansions. Residents were handcuffed on the ground. In the end the police took their weapons, but let them stay in their homes.

How nice of those police, to allow the people to stay in their homes on their property; all they had to do was submit to being totally helpless and at the mercy of the police and criminals. Next the police broke into an old lady’s home, punched her in the face, body slammed her to the ground, confiscated her unloaded revolver, and dragged her out of her home. She shows her bruises in the video, which also shows her being slammed into the wall and ground, and you can make your own decision about how dangerous this frail old woman was. But this is what the police felt was necessary, not arresting looters. Instead of keeping safe the innocent people they are supposed to “protect and serve”, police harassed them, violated their rights, and became the threat, instead of the safety net.

A women who is a Baptist minister commented on the whole situation:

It’s going against my Constitutional rights as a citizen… You’re letting the thugs get away with everything and you’re coming to honest good citizens and taking away their protection and it is wrong, wrong, wrong!

Another man was in the process of evacuating with his family after a tree fell on his home. He was stopped by police, and had his vehicle searched by police. The police then smashed his girlfriend’s pearl handle revolver given to her by her grandparents, and also smashed his .22 rifle. In this situation, since the police were so obviously not “going by the books”, the man says he was extremely scared, and had no idea what the officers would do next. “Heed the warning of what this was” he warns.

[Click here to read about a man who was murdered by police, and then had his body burned by police to cover up the evidence, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.]

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be blind to what is already going on in this country. It is not absurd to think our guns might get confiscated, it has happened before, and they did not do it in a nice, lawful, or Constitutional way. No warrants, no due process, just an innocent civilian staring down the barrel of a government gun. When people laugh at your “paranoia” laugh right back at their ignorance. If they bothered to open their eyes and look around, they would realize our concerns are quite justified.

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