Armed Police Officer Disarmed Atlanta School Shooter

Supporting the case to put armed guards in schools, the shooter of the 14-year old boy in an Atlanta school yesterday, was disarmed by an armed resource officer. The armed officer did not have to fire any bullets before getting the gun away from the shooter, who was a student at the school. The boy who was shot was taken conscious and alert to the hospital where he was expected to be released last night. The shooting is not believed to be random, but everyone at the school is lucky to have had the armed officer present, even though he was off duty. Whether or not the shooter would have shot anyone else purposely, stray bullets could have hit bystanders, or more bullets could have been fired at the victim. This promotes the idea that having someone who is armed and trained to deal with dangerous situations in schools could prevent future bloodshed brought on by shooters targeting specific people, or choosing random targets.

The boy was shot in the courtyard of a middle school which had metal detectors at the entrances; this seemed to leave the Superintendent Erroll Davis stunned.

“The obvious question is how did this get past a metal detector?” Davis asked about the gun. “That’s something we do not know yet.”

An article about the shooting can be viewed here. The school was locked down and children were released to their parents a couple hours later. It was not the best day for students and parents, but everyone went home alive. There needs to be a serious conversation about placing armed guards or police in schools. Some schools have called to deputize certain teachers in order to protect the students. I think this makes sense if they are given the proper training, are required to have the weapon on their person at all times, and are forbidden from telling anyone that they have a concealed firearm. This way the likelihood of someone else getting a hold of the gun is reduced.

Also, with all the money spent in schools, it should not be hard to set a position aside for an armed officer in each building. The only problem here is that any potential shooter would know who the only person that can fight back is. This is why I prefer allowing properly trained teachers to carry concealed without anyone besides the school administrations knowing which particular teachers are carrying concealed. The Newton Connecticut Board of Education has submitted a budgetary request to provide an armed officer at each elementary school next year, at the request of parents, who would feel that their child was safer under those conditions.

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