EPA Kills at Least 3,900 Jobs

Improving the economy and creating jobs are apparently of no concern to the Obama administration, as new EPA regulations have prevented a coal power project from getting off the ground. According to this Washington Examiner article the Texas based parent company, Chase Power, was set to put $3 billion into a new coal power plant in Corpus Christi, Texas creating 1,300 direct and 2,600 indirect jobs, just over the first five years of construction. According to Chase CEO David Freysinger:

The (Las Brisas Energy Center) is a victim of EPA’s concerted effort to stifle solid-fuel energy facilities in the U.S., including EPA’s carbon-permitting requirements and EPA’s New Source Performance Standards for new power plants…

These costly rules exceeded the bounds of EPA authority, incur tremendous costs, and produce no real benefits related to climate change.

And indeed Mr. Freysinger is correct, according to new global warming data from Norway, reported here. The study found that temperatures rose in the 1990’s at such a fast rate, that it caused scientists to overestimate the degree of warming the earth was experiencing.

After the planet’s average surface temperature rose through the 1990s, the increase has almost leveled off at the level of 2000, while ocean water temperature has also stabilized, the Research Council of Norway said in a statement on its website. After applying data from the past decade, the results showed temperatures may rise 1.9 degrees Celsius if Co2 levels double by 2050, below the 3 degrees predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Since global warming was mostly blamed on man made carbon emissions, this data discredits that theory to some extent, since worldwide carbon emissions have not declined, and are actually as high as they have ever been. If the more carbon emissions there were in the atmosphere, the hotter earth got, than global temperatures would not have stabilized during the 2000’s. This all further suggests that global warming is in fact a natural cycle which the earth goes through, as opposed to being caused by humans.

So while any credible evidence of man made global warming is getting harder and harder to find, the EPA and Obama administration are still taking steps to kill coal power. With the destruction of coal as an energy source, not only are jobs lost, and the economy hurt, but electricity costs are increased. Overall the EPA regulations which led to the destruction of the Corpus Christi power plant project show no credible evidence that they would improve the environment, or reduce global warming. Our president is killing jobs for no good reason.

2 thoughts on “EPA Kills at Least 3,900 Jobs

  1. “So while any credible evidence of man made global warming is getting harder and harder to find”

    Except there is. When pulling out that line, you hurt the libertarian movements scientific credibility. Science is a libertarians friend. The old neo-conservatives are the ones who doubt it. Join them if you aren’t willing to be rational.

  2. Although it is only one study, i make reference right in this article to scientific findings. When the entire argument for man made warming lies on the fact that carbon emissions are increasing, than does the fact that temps leveled out while carbon emissions increased not scientifically poke a hole in the man made theory? This is not like denying evolution, this is calling out skewed data and erroneous conclusions of the man made global warming people. Scientifically, the data suggests earth is always going through stages of cooling and heating, and that the sun has more effect on global temps than humans. We can debate the science of man-made versus not man made, but please don’t insinuate I have come to a conclusion absent of any scientific evidence, just because I don’t want to believe humans caused global warming or climate change. What is so irrational about taking into account increased solar activity and other things which do not involve humans?

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