Journal News Employees Won’t Declare Homes “Gun Free Zones”

I wrote recently about the New York newspaper which posted the names and addresses of gun permit holders in certain counties on the internet. A blogger then turned the tables and posted the names and addresses of the Journal News employees. Now, James O’Keefe has produced an undercover video where he and a team pose as an anti-gun group, and knock on the doors of some of the Journal News employees. They ask the employees if they are willing to put up lawn signs denouncing violence, and declaring their home a gun free zone. Check out some of the responses they get.



1:50 At the home of Greg Shillinglaw, Multimedia Journalist for Journal News, a man tells the team about the newspaper putting up the names of permit holders online. Someone from O’Keefe’s team chimes in “We are just doing the same thing… just the opposite”. The man informs them that he does believe in their cause, but refuses a sign.

2:15 At the home of Mike Meaney, Morning Breaking News for Journal News, a woman refuses the “Gun free zone” sign for her front lawn saying “I have others reasons I can’t get into right now”.

2:30 At the home of Bob Braun, Columnist for the Stare Ledger, Bob seems to mull the sign over, and realizes, “I agree with you, and I’m on your side with this. But I’m just wondering if that’s not an invitation to somebody with a gun!” Of course it is an invitation to a criminal with a gun. That is the whole idiocy of gun free zones, announcing the fact that you are defenseless. So Bob Braun agrees with their cause, presumably thinking other places should be gun free zones, but logically concluding that announcing his home to be gun free puts him at more risk to become a victim. Bob concludes that “The problem with this town is, you know, somebody driving around here might might think it’s a–seriously–might think its an invitation to come barging in”. Correct. And people who want to effectively murder a lot of people in a shooting rampage, may consider a gun free zone their best target. “If it said ‘citizens against senseless violence’, without ‘this home is proudly gun free’, I would put the sign up” he concludes.

4:20 A home was wrongly reported to be the address of a Journal News employee, and when asked if the man would place the “Gun free zone” sign, he shows them his pistol in his waistband.

4:55 At the home of Journal News publisher Janet Hasson, the team sees an armed guard before Janet Hesson’s husband tells them they cannot place the sign, because his wife’s life was threatened. I guess Janet believes you should only be allowed to defend yourself if you can afford to hire an armed guard.

5:45 At the home of Journal News editor Liz Anderson the team is met by another armed guard. The guard says that he will pass the message along, and when asked if he himself would want a sign at his own home, the guard replies “I definitely do not, thank you though.”

6:15 The police are called before the door was ever answered at the home of Alex Weisler, who reports for the Journal News. (This is where the police officer lies and says it is against the law to record him, despite four federal court of appeals rulings which say recording a police officer in the line of duty is completely within one’s first amendment rights).

7:00 At the home of Journal News editor Cynthia Lambert, the team is stonewalled by another armed guard. That brings the tally of anti-gun newspaper employees who hired armed guards at their home up to 3.

What we have learned is that the same people who claim that guns make us less safe, have use for guns when they feel threatened. This goes for politicians who have armed security, and who send their kids to schools with armed guards. They know that guns protect them, and keep them safe, but they do not want us to be allowed to practice self defense. The responses of these anti-gunners in the video says everything that needs to be said about gun free zones, banning weapons, and criticizing those who wish to feel safe and secure in their homes and persons.

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