Global Warming: A Good Crisis Goes to Waste

Any politician who wishes to subvert the Constitution, and grow a powerful government, needs a good excuse. It just worked out for Woodrow Wilson that the great opportunity to transform society came along with World War I, and during his Presidency America witnessed the beginning of the federal reserve, the federal income tax, the espionage act (to punish whistle-blowers), and countless others programs and laws which were clearly not Constitutional. The stock market crash of 1929 allowed FDR to usher in the great depression and record unemployment, which came after many of his programs, meant to save the middle class, began. LBJ got to use Kennedy’s assassination and Vietnam to build his Great Society, which has been keeping people dependent on government ever since. Hillary Clinton’s favorite crisis is childhood, which is a good one because there are always going to be children to save. One progressive myth that finally seems to be debunked, is man made global warming.

The power-grabbers were really excited about Al Gore’s endowment to the progressive goal of “everything within the state, nothing outside the state”. They had it all ready to bring the Earth under One World Government, because this was the type of crisis that we all needed to band together to solve. In the process of saving earth with carbon credits, Al Gore would have made billions, but he never got the chance. That is because the globe stopped warming around the time progressives started calling global warming, climate change. Determined not to let all their fear mongering hard work go to waste, the lovers of big government latched onto the fake crisis, continuing to predict the demise of earth unless we turn over all control of every aspect of society to government experts who will save us. After all the progressives always saved us before: after Woodrow Wilson got us involved in WWI, the war eventually ended; after FDR caused the great depression, the next crisis WWII, conveniently seemed to get us out of it (and seemed to offer one example of Keynesian economics not failing, which lead to blind trust for that economic system for the following 70 years).

After building a progressive cathedral on the myth of who JFK was, Lyndon B. Johnson saved us from the threat of communism by escalating the Vietnam War where he increased American troops from 16,000 to over half a million–never mind that we eventually lost the war, lost 58,000 American lives, and abandoned the supposedly noble cause of stopping the spread of communism. Now we have the proper data available to save earth from the would-be saviors of earth. Global Warming stopped 16 years ago. Seeing as carbon emissions were the main culprit blamed for the warming of earth, and seeing as carbon emissions have not shrunk over the past 16 year, that would suggest human carbon emissions do not significantly increase the temperature of the globe.

One inconvenient truth that Global Warming zealots didn’t tell you, is that earth regularly goes through natural cycles of heating and cooling, and that mother earth probably didn’t even notice these itchy little creatures on her scalp called humans. To dismantle the entire productive capabilities of earth and usher in a new middle ages in order to avoid a crisis which does not exist, would be quite extreme, but that is essentially what climate change activists want. Currently the most cost effective fuels are the kinds which emit carbon into the atmosphere. This is necessary to produce food, pump water, and provide people with what they need to live. If governments insisted that alternative fuels be used exclusively, this would mean skyrocketing food prices, shortages of medical equipment and medicine, and many other detriments to manufacturing and production which could very well lead to starvation and rampant disease. The burden of proof is on the accuser, therefore if the progressives think global warming is a big enough problem to risk the lives of billions of humans by altering the economic process which gets people food and other necessities, they should have a pretty damn good argument. The best global warming argument I’ve heard in the last few years has been, “all the scientists agree, and if you disagree you are an ignorant, hateful, selfish bigot.” But all the scientists do not agree.

Here’s the truth, the period of plateau started in 1997 when global temperatures stopped rising. This period has lasted about as long as the period of warming lasted before the plateau, from 1980-1996. Progressives’ main argument is that reliable data began being recorded in 1880 around the same time as huge global industrial advancements, and in the 130 years since then the globe has warmed .75 degrees, which clearly means it will warm another 5 degrees over the course of the next 90 years, by the end of this century. But in real life, the world was coming out of a mini-ice age during the 1800’s, and therefore any warming was simply returning to “normal” temperatures. Another main concern for climate change believers is that the ice caps in the north pole are shrinking, and this is true. What many people do not know is that the ice caps at the south pole are growing. And wholly left out of the story is the extreme difference the sun can make on earth’s climate, as the sun goes through periods of heightened activity and increased solar flares.

Today progressives still try to group the global warming denier with holocaust deniers. This is part of the same tactic of manufacturing a crisis in order to subvert the constitution, or effectively scare people into giving up their freedoms, and granting more power to politicians and bureaucrats. No sane person would deny the holocaust, so by grouping climate change skeptics into this category, progressives scare more climate change skeptics into staying in the closet, and effectively ruin the reputations of any professional who does speak out. No one with the truth on their side is afraid of debate. No one with overwhelming evidence has to demonize dissenters in order to convince people they are right. Fear mongering scare tactics is all that human caused global warming has amounted to, and it is refreshing to see that the public is no longer buying it. Let’s just hope we can apply what we have learned to the next fake crisis so that it won’t be solved swiftly by politicians and experts, as long as we are willing to give up all control over our lives.

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