Holder Might Not Stay on for Round 2

Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience that he may not remain in the Obama administration for a second term. Many on the right have called for Holder to resign or be fired over the botched gun running operation, Fast and Furious. It is still unclear how involved Holder was in the operation, because President Obama has exerted executive privilege over some of the documents subpenaed by congress.

Whether Hold was involved in the scandal, or whether he was so incompetent as to allow it to happen under his watch, remains unknown. What we do know is it is a good thing for America to have Holder gone. In 1995 Holder gave a speech in which he encouraged the brainwashing of Americans to think negatively about guns. In the following clip Eric Holder says that we need to include anti-gun lessons in school on a daily basis, every school in America, and we need to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way”.


Apart from Fast and Furious (which some evidence suggests was a trade between the U.S. and a drug cartel, guns for info) other scandals involving Holder included the Department of Justice linking up with Media Matters to attack skeptics of operation Fast and Furious. Holder’s department has also sued Gallup after unsatisfactory polling results, and dismissed a case of voter intimidation from 2008 against the New Black Panthers. The DOJ has also stepped up its surveillance of Americans without warrants, since Obama took office.

Eric Holder and other top officials at the Department of Justice were all defense attorneys, which is strange for a department tasked with prosecution. It is also a fact that the top officials at the Justice Department, including Holder, all came from firms which worked for Wall Street, defending them. As you could have guessed almost no financial criminals have been prosecuted under Holder’s watch.

If Holder does end up going, it is certainly a good thing. He should have already been fired, or if he had any shame, he would already have resigned. Unfortunately with Obama’s track record on appointees, we shouldn’t expect too much of his replacement.

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