Bielat vs Kennedy: This Shouldn’t Even Be Close

Just when we thought the American government was Kennedy free, another one comes out of the woodwork. This family has become like weeds that we just cannot seem to eliminate from politics. And what makes this race worse, is that Joe Kennedy III does not even have a semblance of experience. His resume has two things on it, two years of work as a prosecutor on Cape Cod and some time in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. The grandson of Robert Kennedy may be a nice boy, but he is utterly unqualified.

This will be a sad day in American politics if the underdog in the congressional race for MA-4 does not pull off a victory. Talk about experience, Sean Bielat has more experience at age 37 than most people get in their entire life. Bielat is still in the Marine Reserves as a Major, having served four years active duty. His education would impress anyone: Sean holds a bachelors degree from Georgetown University, a Master of Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard University, and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s hard to believe Bielat has even had time for all this, which speaks to his qualifications, but that’s not all.

Sean Bielat has real world business experience. That mean’s he has done things like balance budgets, something severely lacking in Congress right now. Sean ran a $100 million program for the company iRobot which produced robots that were used to destroy roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also been a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Sean now runs a start-up online business.

Joe Kennedy on the other hand is not only unqualified, but at times has seemed utterly clueless. The following clip shows Joe Kennedy responding to a question about the drone program. He says that he is in support of the drone program, and praised the drone strike which Obama ordered that took out Bin Laden… this might come as news to Seal Team 6.

The last debate between Bielat and Kennedy lasted a whole 14 minutes and aired at 7am this morning. You can watch that debate here. Joe has ducked most real debate challenges, and generally runs from reporters. His handlers are not very keen on him talking to the press without a script, because that is when he lets the truth come out. For instance, asked by one reporter what is the capital of Israel, Kennedy replied that it was Tel Aviv. Sean, by the way, is a supporter of Israel, knows the capital is Jerusalem and honors commitments that America makes to its allies.

According to the Bielat campaign, internal polling shows Kennedy with a slight lead, but the race is close. Kennedy’s numbers have been steadily slipping ever since he joined the race. It seems the more people hear him speak, or look into his experience, the more people are turned off by this candidate who is running solely on his famous name. All that Bielat needs to edge Kennedy out of this House seat is a little bit more money to showcase the differences between the candidates. On campaign phone calls to voters many Kennedy supporters change their mind if given just a few lines of Sean Bielat’s bio. 50% of voters have not even decided yet which candidate they will vote for, and 1/3 of voters who support Elizabeth Warren for Senate are not, or may not vote for Kennedy. The people of Massachusetts are well aware that Kennedy is not qualified, yet the lure of restoring Camelot may still tug the heartstrings of Massachusetts Democrats. Luckily the Massachusetts electorate is 52% independent, and independents are breaking for Bielat.

The Bielat campaign released a slightly controversial ad in which clips of JFK are used to show how far the Democratic platform has shifted since the 60’s. In the video Sean says he would be honored to have JFK’s endorsement if he were alive today. This is because John F. Kennedy supported lowering taxes during a recession in order to stimulate the economy. It is true that JFK has more similarities to Bielat than Kennedy.

A different video is a better example of what Joe III is running on, he even interrupts a voter asking a question to get this important point across: “So my grandfather was Robert Kennedy”.

If Joe’s last name was Smith, he would have been laughed out of the political arena. He’s honestly not that good at campaigning. A deli owner close to the Bielat headquarters had a visit from Joe Kennedy III. The owner says that Joe came in for about a minute, took a picture, and to the business owners disbelief, Joe didn’t even buy a sandwich!

One thing that is great about the Bielat campaign is their sense of humor. They have released a new website called KennedyorKardashian where visitors must guess if the tweet shown was sent by Joe Kennedy III or Kim Kardashian. Some of them are tough, check it out!

Please, voters of MA-4, do not let Joe Kennedy get into Congress just because of his famous last name. Do your research, compare the two candidates resume’s, because it is up to us to hire the most competent candidate to represent us in Washington. Bielat is committed to preserving medicare and social security for anyone in or near retirement, and revitalizing the program in order to protect it for posterity. He and his wife Hope have two small children and do not want to see their future ruined by government debt and bad policy. Sean knows what it takes to get America back on track, out of a financial crisis and out of economic turmoil. Do not deny this highly qualified honorable family man and Marine with business experience and a mountain of education the chance to represent us in Congress.

Donate to Sean Bielat for Congress here.

3 thoughts on “Bielat vs Kennedy: This Shouldn’t Even Be Close

  1. Sean Bielat currently runs a small online start-up. Joe III left his job as assistant district attorney at the beginning of 2012 to focus full time on running for congress.

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