The Right To Self Defense

Because when seconds count, police are just minutes away. And in many places, police are more than minutes away; people are lucky if police show up a couple hours later to fill out a report in Detroit. Detroit has close to given up on fighting crime, as police distributed fliers warning that anyone entering Detroit does so at their own risk. Many police forces are being slashed with budget cuts, and people increasingly need to take matters into their own hands when a criminal comes onto their property.

Violent crime has gone up 18% through 2011, as have burglaries (14%) and home invasions. The media likes to report tragedy but does not seem as excited to report the multitude of victims saved by their willingness to use self defense. The most recent was a 12 year old girl who called her mother when a stranger tried to break in in broad daylight. The mother instructed the girl to get their gun and hide in the closet, and when the knob on the closet door started to turn, this brave 12 year old girl shot through the door. She hit the intruder who did not suffer life threatening injuries and is now awaiting trial. Anyone who has heard stories of home invasions in the past can just imagine how this situation could have turned out otherwise. (Read the original article here).

And that is another reason why the right to defend yourself in your home is so crucial, because terrible things do happen. If someone breaks into your house, their motives are unknown and everyone should assume the worst. A young mother of a 3 month old baby was home alone after her husband had recently passed away. Two men tried to break into her house, so she called 911 and got her shotgun. After asking the operator if she could shoot them, the operating responded that the young mother should do what she has to in order to protect her infant son. She shot and killed the first intruder who came through the door wielding a large hunting knife, and the second offender fled. Another tragedy avoided because of an armed home owner.

In both of the cases mentioned, the would-be victims had already called 911 by the time they needed to take matters into their own hands. And in some rural parts of America, people have formed their own private neighborhood watch programs to do what the police can no longer handle. As police become more scarce, these types of neighborhood collaboration to repel criminals will become more prevalent. We are seeing the very beginning stages of a transition to private crime control. And why not? If someone is arrested by the police after burgling a house, or even after a violent crime, they will often get out of jail within a few years. As Ted Nugent has said, “I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders”.

And many criminals are still somewhat rational, as in, they don’t want to die. If half of all home invasions ended in the death of the intruder, that would be a pretty good deterrent to turning to crime. Instead too many of these despicable crimes end in the death of the home owner. 48 year old Gerry Hood of Gary, Indiana came home at lunchtime to find a man inside his house. He called the police, but entered his home before they arrived. Unfortunately by the time they did arrive, it was too late. Gerry died of multiple gun shot wounds from the intruder. And in Pontiac, Michigan a 27 year old home owner was recently left dead in early morning hours after a home invasion. For this reason anyone breaking into a person’s home should be considered an immediate threat to any inhabitants’ life. And criminals should be well aware going into another person’s house, that the home owner will assume the worst, and therefore the criminal should expect to be met with deadly force.

There are too many tragic victims these days, and not enough dead criminals. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim. Law abiding citizens with guns should always outnumber criminals with guns. No law abiding citizen should have to live in fear of the people who don’t play by the rules. We all have the right to defend ourselves.

Read: “Girls, Guns Are Our Friends”.

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