Obama, DOJ, Make ‘Gallup’ An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Internal e-mails amongst top employees of the polling agency Gallup, show what they thought of the Obama administration’s attempt to intimidate them:

“Imagine Axel[rod] with Brando’s voice: ‘[Name redacted], I’d like you to come over and explain your methodology… You got a nice poll there… would be a shame if anything happened to it…”

That is precisely the situation unfolding between the Obama administration, the Department of Justice, and Gallup.

It all started a few months back when Gallup released a poll showing Romney with a 48-43 percent lead over Obama (Full Article). This did not sit well with senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod. In response, he tweeted that the poll was “saddled with some methodological errors”. The Obama administration also reportedly asked a senior Gallup official to come to the White House in order to explain their methodology. Gallup was also apparently told by White House officials that if they say nice things about Obama, Obama will say nice things about them. Gallup refused to change their sampling tactics, claiming that many other polls use methodology which favors the President.

Three months later Gallup was hit with a DOJ lawsuit which had been filed in 2009 by a former Gallup employee who had volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008. Gallup had complied with subpoenas for information back in February of 2010, and then did not hear from the DOJ for another year and a half. The employee claimed that Gallup overcharged the U.S. government for polling work it did, seeking compensation using original inflated estimates of field hours, instead of the actual amount of hours it took to complete the polling. So the DOJ decided to act on a 3 year old lawsuit filed by a known Obama volunteer and supporter. Is it coincidence that the Department of Justice had no interest in the case until after Gallup refused to cave to pressure and change their methodology?

Gallup has been a thorn in Obama’s re-election efforts since it began to publish polling numbers showing Romney leading the incumbent Democrat. The polling organization has also, according to the American Thinker blog, published employment data which, unlike numbers from Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), does not set aside statistics which are not politically helpful to the president.

“Gallup publishes its research without seasonal adjustments,” William Tate wrote for the American Thinker. ”The BLS’s version applies adjustments in an alchemic formula that’s more mysterious than the Shroud of Turin.” (Full Article).

They DOJ have used these same intimidation tactics during the Obama administration. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was probed by the federal government’s U.S. attorneys for alleged financial misconduct. The sheriff had opened an investigation into the President’s seemingly forged birth certificate. Already the sheriff’s crew has unturned some interesting information, such as you do not need to have been born in Hawaii in order to receive a Hawaiian birth certificate.  In any event, the probe against Sheriff Joe turned up nothing, and the Federal government quietly dropped the matter (Full Article).

It is probable that the DOJ’s investigation of Gallup will be dropped quietly once the public is not paying attention. The point of opening investigations which go nowhere is to damage the reputation of those who are being investigated. It is also a form of intimidation to others who do not want to be investigated by the federal government, regardless of their innocence. It is  a sad day when our government is allowed to intimidate and harass private companies and individuals simply because they disagree–or because they refuse to change their methodology to favor the President.

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