Dishonorable Disclosures: Obama Leaks Threaten National Security

The President of the United States has at his fingertips a lot of sensitive information. President Obama has blatantly used this information for political gain at the expense of US Intelligence networks, and individuals working in the defense sector. Informants have been outed because of the President’s personal use of classified information, and the US will now find it nearly impossible to recruit other informants.

Even if the President waited just 24 hours to break the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, it would have allowed the Navy Seals to gather information from the compound, and quickly move down the ranks capturing or killing other high ranking terrorist threats to America. Because of President Obama’s disregard for the safety and effectiveness of the armed forces, Bin Laden’s friends were able to scurry like rats in every direction, destroying America’s chances of rendering the terrorist organization defunct once and for all.

Was this the type of transparency we were to expect from the Obama Administration? Or rather were we hoping for glass walls which would reveal no inside deals with green energy firms, and no trace of Wall Street corruption infiltrating the Justice Department? If we hoped for an Administration devoid of shady deals with a Mexican drug cartel and devoid of punishing whistle blowers who expose corruption, we better keep hoping.

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