Leadership Famine

We have a leadership famine right now in America. The President can not defend his record, which is why we see him lashing out at Romney in any way he can. Obama keeps hammering away for Romney to release more tax returns, but Obama has not even released his college records. Read this article written by a classmate of Obama’s at Columbia. Both graduated in ’83, and both were Pre-law and political science majors. The author does not remember Obama, nor do any of his friends, nor do 400 people from that same class randomly selected and polled by Fox News on whether they remember Obama. Well maybe he was not a very memorable student, but what does the President have to hide by sealing his records?

Did he get bad grades, in which case how did he get into Harvard? Did he receive foreign student aide, or was he listed as an exchange student? Did Bill Ayers’ parents pay for Obama’s time at Harvard, as their mail man claims they once told him? All these questions are more substantiated than Harry Reid’s claim that Romney did not pay taxes for ten years. If the President can stay on the offensive about Romney’s sealed records, than he does not have to defend his own sealed records. The media is helping Obama hound Romney, and ignoring the fact that Obama has much more to hide. Why wasn’t he vetted by the media going into the 2008 election? Maybe they were too focused on the VP candidate who was so unfit she had only 2 years of executive experience as Governor… So instead we got a President who had 0 years of executive experience, and 2 years of Senate experience. Good job media, always after the truth.

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